Saturday, April 19, 2008

Making Cards with Scrapbook papers!

I was having a chat with Linda from Kelly Paper Crafts recently and the topic of cardmakers using scrapbook papers in their cards came up. I said that I hadn't seen many of the beautiful scrapbook papers available used in handmade cards and wondered why. Linda said that she always uses scrapbook papers in her cards and at the next crop she brought along a fantastic selection made using the last Love, Elsie! range Jack and Abby. I thought they looked so good, I asked her if she would have the time to make a few using the new Love, Elsie! Claire Collection. Here's a sneak peek at the cards, and I think you'll agree they look brilliant:

The rest of Linda's cards can be see in the Gallery.

Do you use scrapbook papers to make your cards? If not, why and what do you use instead? We'd love to hear. Please leave a comment and maybe a link to some of your card creations.


Tigger's rambling said...

Fantastic cards :-)

I always use my left over bits from my lo's and make cards with them and I have been know to buy scrapbook papers just to make cards with :-)

Jan said...

Hey AnnaMarie. I've used lots of PP in my cards recently. They're on my blog.