Saturday, August 09, 2008

Scrapbook Inspiration from a TV Advert!

While doing jigsaws with my kids today I could hear (surprising I could actually hear anything over the thundering rain LOL!) a TV advert running in the background. Maybe it was because I could only hear the words and couldn't see the pictures that it made me think. Just like I find I remember radio programmes for years but forget the content of TV programmes or movies a week after I've seen them. Anyway I thought the sentiment of the advert was really appealing and as a scrapbooker something I'd love to do a layout about.

It's the new Orange advert featuring Mark Beaumont who has just completed a record-breaking round-the-world cycle journey. The theme of the adverts (this is the 2nd one) is "I am" and in this ad he talks about how he has become the person he is because of everyone he's met - good or bad! It made me think ... how much do the people we meet throughout our lives shape who we are?

Take a look at the advert and if you're inspired, make a scrapbook layout titled

"I am ..."

and in it list 10 experiences (good or bad) or 10 people (good or bad!) that you feel have shaped who you are today !

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