Thursday, March 06, 2008

Colour Matching!

I was watching the Dulux tv advert the other night and thought about how much it would help when choosing cardstock too!

All you do is go to their site at and it shows you all the colours divided up into sections. Then you pick a colour group e.g. blues and then choose your favourite blue and the wizard chooses three more colours for you which will co-ordinate with your chosen colour.

It came up with some fantastic colour combinations I'd never have thought of. Try it, it's loads of fun.

Using the Dulux site, I chose "Matinee" (the top colour) and it choose Lilac, Frappe and Blush:

So I took a look at the Bazzill at and choose "Paris" which looked the closest to "Matinee" and then selected Wisteria, Bark and San Francisco. The Bazzill brown is darker but still a lovely match - very luxurious!

For my house I chose the colour "Blue Diamond":

and it selected "Burmese Ruby"
"Cocoa Blush"
and "Lemon Crush"

Mmmmm :-)


Anonymous said...
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Kate said...

Wow what a cool idea, thanks for that Annamarie

Jaime S said...

Very clever Annamarie :). I'll have to give that a go as well.

Carrie said...

bloomin brilliant - will definitely give this one a go.

littlebit said...

Wow... I have burmese ruby in my sitting room and that self same blue in my kitchen. And as we have a glass door in between I am now happy see that dulux agrees with my colour choice.

Thanks for the link its a great idea, as colour matching is not actually my strong point!!

Karva said...

thats fantastic Annamarie, good find, will definately use this

Lainey said...

Brilliant idea Annamarie - who needs and interior designer now!

Anonymous said...
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